India Police Raid Brothel Looking For Convicted Murderer Only To Find Fellow Officers In Charge Of Guarding Him

Police in eastern India raided a sex district in the red light area of Asansol in search of convicted murderer, Baiju Yadav.

The bad news: They did not find their target.
The funny news: They found four of their fellow officers who were in charge of guarding the murderer making sweet, authoritative love to the brothel’s women.

So far, i don’t see what the big deal is. The officers were just abiding by the the age-old Bro Creed: Hoes Before Convicted Murderers.

The thirsty officers decided to make a quick 128-mile detour to Asansol to visit the brothel because fuck it, what are they going to arrest themselves?

At that point, they had possession of the murderer but he managed to escape and then made his own way back to jail once the officers got distracted. This guy was sitting on a get-out-of-jail-free card, quite literally, and just tore that shit right up. Dude, do you even jailbreak?

Jharkhand director general of police D.K Pandey told the media:

“We have ordered a probe and suspended the four policemen until further notice” 

This type of thing shouldn’t come as a surprise to authorities in the area, considering they have had at least five jail breaks since 2012 and in December of 2014, prisoners escaped a prison by throwing chili powder at the guards. Police shot dead two during the escape attempt.

Sidenote: If the officers did not enter the brothel and say “Who’s ready to feel the Big Dick of the Law?” and give each other a collective high fives, this story is worthless and I’m sorry for posting.

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