Guy Causes His Wife To Lose Her Freaking Mind Thanks To A Savage Prank Involving Their Son

guy pranks wife son haircut


We’ve seen some twisted pranks between husbands and wives here before, but this one has to be on the list of all-timers.

You see, this man named Bobby Wesson planned out a prank so perfect that his wife Rayena, a trauma nurse, was pushed almost to the brink of insanity and was pretty much ready to murder him.

That, right there, is the sign of a really good prank.

Knowing that their son’s picture day was approaching Bobby decided the old “our kid cut his own hair” dilemma was a solid way to go for April Fool’s Day.

“I waited a while to pull the trigger on this prank,” Wesson tells Scary Mommy. “I’d had these pics ready for a month but, like I said, her easy nights are few and far between. Sometimes she doesn’t even get to sit down much less sit down and eat.”

Wesson, however, didn’t just stop with his son “cutting his own hair” though. He took it to the next level and his poor wife went berserk.

Here it is blown up so you can fully enjoy how truly excellent this prank really was…

Ah, the magic of Photoshop. Is there anything it can’t do?

Luckily she didn’t murder him so he posted another message to Facebook talking about what a great person she is to make up for his prank.

Good stuff all around.

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