This Guy Recreated Actual Profile Photos Of Chicks He Saw Tinder And The Results Are Ridiculous

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Yesterday, I came across a guy who was doing the Lord’s work on Tinder; he was picking up chicks by pretending to be a horse. Of course it would take the biggest mouth breather on the planet to not realize he was only kidding, but that out-of-the-box strategy seemed to be working for him. It opened the lines of communication, which is 99% of the battle.

Today, we have this cat who takes chicks’ stupid profile photos from Tinder and recreates them. I’m not sure if that is ever going to help him get some stankity stank on his hang low, but it’s kind of amusing for the rest of us. Which is all I really care about anyway.





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This was quite the find by our friends over at Next Impulse Sports. Quite the find indeed.

More photos over at Next Impulse Sports

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