Guy Runs Away From Fat Cop, But Gets Tasered and Falls Hard on His Chin

This gentleman believes that he is being unjustly arrested, so he pleads his case with the officer. However once the negotiating was fruitless he ran away from the cop. It was a genuinely intelligent game plan seeing that the cop was rather hefty. The fleet-footed criminal could have easily ran away from the fatso, but he made a critical mistake when he stopped running and tried to plead his innocence again. Once the cop got close to the man he ran away again, but the cop was close enough and fired his taser gun. The fat cop tased him so quickly and accurately it was like he stole his donuts. His body quickly seizes up and appears to be planking as he smashes his face onto the pavement. Lesson learned: you can outrun a fat cop, but you can’t outrun a taser.