This Guy Singing On An NYC Subway Platform Is So Talented It Causes An Awestruck Girl To Do Something Disgusting

First things first: this man sings beautifully. He is a real talent and I don’t want to take that away from him. But I also need to point out the girl in the background who is watching him while her face is PLASTERED against a subway beam, because if you see something, say something.

This behavior is baffling. Anyone who has been to this city knows that for all its charm, New York City has to be America’s most filthy city. I would be shocked if there was a even single square inch of the city that hasn’t been covered in some form of human waste. I don’t know how anyone who lives here can forget how gross this place truly is. The constant (and nauseating) aroma of garbage and feces in the air reminds me of  it every day. Not to mention that just this weekend I got off the 1 train at Penn Station and I saw a pile of shit. A literal pile of shit. Stacked a few logs high, too.

Who knows, though, maybe this guy’s singing had this woman so twisted that she lost sight of the fact that some hobo probably jizzed on that subway beam less than 24 hours prior to her body and face being planted on it? Could happen? I don’t know. But what I do know is that all the Noxzema in the world isn’t gonna wash that off.

NOPE. Never once.