Guy Spends Over $3K A Year To Wear A New Pair Of Underwear Every Day And Of Course It’s For A Stupid Reason



Curt Almond’s boyfriend wore the same pair of underwear for three straight days. The 26-year-old restaurant manager was so disgusted when he found out — and rightfully so — that he broke up the guy not long after.

Case closed.


Well, the relationship is closed, but the break-up triggered another issue with Curt. He couldn’t stop buying new underwear. In fact, he couldn’t function unless he was wearing a fresh pair of drawers. Now, Curt is spending over $60 a week on Calvin Klein underwear and the habit is sending him broke.

Almond was on the verge of bankruptcy until he finally realized he was being absolutely stupid about the whole thing.

“Almond transitioned to buying budget pairs of boxers instead, also went to working odd jobs to sustain his weird addiction — until he realized that he should get over with the habit. When he realized that his savings that had gone for paying his insurance plus the money he spent for new underpants would put him to bankruptcy, he knew it had to really stop and went back to washing a pair of two of his boxers.”

Almond claims he’s totally over the whole thing which means he’s probably either banging someone new or lying.

[via Act Lifestyle]

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