Guy Spends All Night On Window Ledge When Husband Of The Woman He’s Banging Comes Home Early

No one in this story has been identified with a name. No one. Not the cheating woman, not the homewrecking man, hell not even the firefighters who yanked his ass off the goddamn window ledge get names. So for clarity’s sake, I’m going to call the guy “Jeff” and the woman “Lassie.” Firefighters still don’t get names because they’re not that important.

Lassie and Jeff were having a grand ol’ time like usual – Lassie’s husband was out of town and the two were bumping uglies in her apartment in China. Key word being “were” since SURPRISE, Lassie’s husband came home early. With nowhere else to hide and thanking his lucky stars that he’d been fortunate enough to have put his clothes on just moments before, Jeff jumped out the window of Lassie’s apartment and…just chilled on the ledge.

…ALL FUCKING NIGHT. Need a dictionary definition for commitment? You’ve got one. According to Mirror,

The married woman’s lover was stuck on the narrow masonry between two air-conditioning units all night, during the bizarre incident in China.

It wasn’t until the unnamed woman’s husband went out to work the next day that she called firemen and asked for them to rescue him.

A local fire brigade spokesman said: “Fortunately he had already dressed himself and was about to leave when the woman’s husband came home, and she had managed to persuade him to scramble out the window.”

Jeff had reportedly been drinking a “fair amount,” however there’s been no word yet on whether or not the news story has brought Lassie’s infidelities to her husband’s attention.

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