This Is the Guy Who Claims to Have Stopped the Lone Star College Stabber

If you missed it, 15 people were stabbed today during a frightening attack at Lone Star College near Houston, Texas. The suspect is now thankfully in custody, which may be thanks to the Instagram user “cheesin365,” or, as some people are saying, a guy named Steven Maida.

Cheesin365 posted two pictures to his Instagram account today shortly after Lone Star called off its emergency alert. The first, below, shows a red-headed guy lying on the ground with his hands cuffed behind his back. “Fuck this mothafucker stabbed 5 people.2 girls in the cheek,” he wrote. “Everyone ran the other way I said fuck that. Me and this kid got em #lonestarstabbing #fuckthiskid #copsaretooslow.” The man on the ground seems to match the look of the stabber.

Then, Cheesin' posted the pic at the top, a self-shot in the back of a cop car. Perhaps he was off for questioning? Or being given a police escort to some sort of bomb-ass party that he deserves for stopping an almost-murderer?

Anyway, if this is all true…. All I can say is this has to be a better use of Instagram time than girls documenting their brunches.

[H/T: Buzzfeed]