Dude Swallows 110 Packets Of Blow Before Getting On A 9-Hour Flight Only To Blow Out Pounds Of Coke At Customs

Before we even discuss the asinine amount of cocaine this dude ingested before getting on a 9-hour-long flight from Thailand to Australia, for one second I want you to think about your meals before a super long flight or any flight for that matter. Have you ever been ready to board a plane and thought to yourself: what I should do is crush a half-pound burger and a large order of fries because that’ll certainly sit well while I’m in an enclosed space for the foreseeable future? No, you haven’t, because those tiny ass airplane bathrooms suck gigantic donkey balls and filling your stomach before a long flight is foolish. Now, let’s discuss this dude who swallowed an absolutely comical amount of cocaine before a long flight.

via CNN.com:

A 48-year-old Australian man smuggling 1.1 kilograms (2.4 pounds) of cocaine in his stomach admitted he was carrying the drugs to police at Sydney Airport, shortly after arriving on a flight from Thailand on September 1.
The man, who lives in Thailand, had passed a baggage examination when he told police he had ingested a large number of packets filled with cocaine.
Later, the man passed 46 pellets containing about 460 grams of cocaine (1 pound) after being taken into custody.
Authorities then took the man to hospital, where another 64 were removed.

In total, 110 packets of cocaine were removed from this dude’s stomach. 2.4 POUNDS of blow. Think about taking down 2.4 pounds of ANYTHING in one sitting, now imagine it’s an extremely toxic substance when exposed to your stomach and imagine how fucking stupid you would have to be in order to swallow almost two and a half pounds of coke before a 9-hour-long-flight.

This is how I imagine things went when this dude got to Customs/Border Patrol:

For more on this dude swallowing several pounds of blow and shitting it out at Customs you can follow that link below!

…via CNN.com

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