Guy Tells A Stranger That He’s A Jody Cheating With A Soldier’s Wife, Gets Completely Owned

Another day, another saga from the military culture/humor Facebook page 5 Bravo. This soap opera is about some kid who messaged him that he was joining the military but he was worried that his girl “wouldn’t stay faithful to him.” Why was he worried? Because she is already married to a solider deployed in Afghanistan. That’s a toxic, douche move on so many levels, so the dudes at 5 Bravo figured out a way to completely ruin Jody for being such a shithead.

What a clown. The guy basically walked into that situation like the knucklehead that he is. I hope the situation doesn’t look like this when the deployed solider gets back and finds out about Jody:

Read the whole exchange below via Imgur:

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