Guy Texts His Ex-Girlfriend Except Her New Boyfriend Responds, Guy Replies With WORST INFORMATION Imaginable

by 3 years ago

dudecomedy / kendra sunderland

First of all, what kind of goober starts off a text conversation with “Hello my dear” ? Surprising that giant fedora perched on the top of your head isn’t blocking the view of your keyboard at all. Second, this is definitely not something you tell someone over text…well, maybe it is. Maybe the guy’s afraid she’s going to claw his eyes out, or maybe he’s just a big flappy boner considering he didn’t have the balls to tell her this in person.

Either way, this shit ain’t pretty, but it sure as hell is the only comeback in the world that’ll shut someone up without a single word in response:



Yeeeaaaahhhhh………..I don’t see this girl’s new relationship lasting very long after this. Ouch.

[H/T Dudecomedy, header image girl via Kendra Sunderland]