Guy Thought Throwing Bottles Into A Crowd Was A Great Idea, Until He Got Knocked The F*ck Out

First off, just hang in there once the video starts. It’s like the worst filming job ever. But trust me there’s goodness to be had. Because for some reason a guy attending Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming thought it would be smart to just start heaving beer bottles randomly into a crowd of people. (This is why don’t have glass beer bottles at events anymore, thanks douchebag. )

Anyway, as I said, hang in there because the “videographer” does manage to stabilize things just in time to see a man step out of the crowd and knock this idiot right the fuck out with one smooth punch. (That’s him laying flat on his back in the screencap above, beer all spilled while he takes a much-deserved nap.)

Karma, she was a bitch that day.