Some Guy Took LSD And Watched ‘The Simpsons’ For 48 Hours Straight, These Are His Thoughts

Redditor doobieschnauzer spent two solid days watching The Simpsons.

Not terribly unusual I suppose, until you add in the fact that he did the whole marathon while taking LSD.

That’s when things get weird. Or, well, weirder.

Apparently watching The Simpsons non-stop for 48 hours while on LSD will cause you to have “thoughts.” And doobieschnauzer’s thoughts? They’re pretty golden…

We are all Bart– We all feel unappreciated, because people decide to focus on our flaws instead of our talents. We’ve been influenced by bad people, and been a bad influence. We all seek thrills that hurt us and those around us.

We are all Lisa– We all feel unappreciated when we try to be the voice of reason and intelligence, and the people we love ignore us. We all feel like we’re getting nowhere, despite our gifts. We all feel like we’re trapped with people that’ll never get us.

We are all Marge– We all feel unappreciated when we try to voice concern, and the people we love write us off as a nag. We all feel like we’re being smothered by our loved ones, to the point that we’ll never develop our own personality.

We are all Homer– We all feel unappreciated when we don’t deserve to. We’re all mercurial and willfully ignorant. We all try to numb the pain of a life that’ll never satisfy us, to the point of hurting our brains.

We are all Maggie (thank you for reminding me allthereis_isnothing)– We all feel unappreciated because we feel unheard and easily forgotten. We all have talents that we feel no one can see. And, if you do as many drugs as I do, you probably fall down a lot.

Pretty deep, huh? Oh, there’s more…

Springfield is a human brain. Each inhabitant is a perfect representation of another piece of us.

Shelbyville is another human brain. We hate each other for no reason, even though we’re exactly the same.

He goes to talk about how The Simpsons evolved American society, Matt Groening is a God, and much more.

Check it all out here. And definitely stick around for the comments. They’re as good as anything doobieschnauzer wrote.

“Not even kidding, I dropped acid and watched the Simpson’s too, last night! And I can affirm that you speak the truth.” ~ quaffi0