This Story About A Guy Who’s Been Using Toilet Paper Holders Wrong All His Life Will Confuse The Hell Out Of You

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Not that it’ll make you feel any better, but at least when Redditor toiletpaperheadrest fell under the impression that toilet paper holders were meant as a resting place for your head while you’re pooping he was a wee little child; not a gullible adult who frequently checks the ceiling for graffiti. What I’m trying to say is, while the human race is inevitably still doomed it’s not as bad as bad as you think.

Just kidding, yes it is.

So one time when I was little my brother asked me to bring him some medicine to the bathroom (he had a bad case of the shits) and I saw that he was resting his head against the toilet paper and asked him why and he said “Oh didn’t you know? Some houses have the toilet paper holder placed right here so that it an double as a head rest, a nice luxury touch” and I was like “Oh cool” so since then everything I see a toilet that has the toilet roll placed to the side like this I’m like “woah this bathroom is fancy” and use my headrest. I now manage an office and we decide to renew our bathrooms and our interior designer was showing me some of her ideas and the rest of the board all voted for one of them and I opposed, and told them that it didn’t even have a headrest. They all looked at me baffled until the interior designer asked what a bathroom headrest was, and then I explained. I could see them holding back their laughter. I knew I had done fucked up. It’s been 4 hours and I haven’t left my office.

I almost feel bad for this guy. Almost. You’d think he’d realize that toilet paper rolls aren’t meant to double as pillows, but when you’re small and impressionable even seemingly simple logic flies out the window at times. Oh well, hope he enjoys living out the rest of his days in his office. Maybe someone will order him food. Or he’ll starve to death. Fun!

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