Guys Were Asked ‘What’s Your Worst Nightmare?’ And Almost Every Answer Had To Do With Their Genitals

guys worst nightmare


Over on AskReddit guys were asked what their worst nightmares are. You would think there would be some answers about dying, or a loved one being killed, or perhaps financial ruin, right?

Well, it mostly ended up being guys being scared of something bad happening to their junk. Figures…

Here’s a sampling of some of the very well thought out responses…

Sweatpants + erection ~ _Intuition_

With comments like “If you have a trapper keeper you should be ok,” and “The bus gave me so many boners, I hated riding the bus,” it was a definite winner.

Then there was this…

Parents or SO finding my cum box. ~ MrV2121

Also a very popular answer.

Best comment? “You can build one hundred bridges but as soon as they find out you have a cum box, you are now known as the cum box guy.”

Then someone went and got psychological on us…

According to Freud, castration. If you say something else, then according to Freud it’s a metaphor for castration. ~ shrehe

Which led to this comment that I’m not 100% percent sure I even understand: “Shame at getting an erection in public is sublimated fear of not being able to get an erection in private.”

And now yet another dick-related fear…

False rape accusation. You’re definitely guilty until proven innocent. Even if the cops aren’t total morons and figure out the girl is lying you still would have the arrest and “charges dropped” on your record forever. ~ zirtbow

“This is probably the most accurate answer,” said Zombiecidialfreak. If you can’t believe Zombiecidialfreak, who can you believe?

Here’s one that starts out without any dick-related fears, but you know…

Hm… Getting tied up, forced to watch while someone you love tortures and murders everyone else you care about in front of you while you’re powerless to stop it, then castrates you and making you eat it, afterwards framing you for the crime amazingly, getting butt raped in prison, then mercifully shanked with a filed down toothbrush. ~ Sirikia

That one seemed a little too well though out, no?

Can we get off the penis fears now, guys? Nope.

Getting your balls stuck in your zipper. ~ Wannabe_Iceman

That one I get. But still…

There were actually some non-related dick answers, but not many… “Male pattern baldness” made an appearance. “Married to a worthless fat bitch with 5 kids on disability” was another one.

Mostly it was just more stuff like “Testicular torsion’ and “Waking up without a penis.”

I was especially fond of “Waking up face to face with your detached dick and balls on your pillow” and “Vaginas. With rows of sharp sharp teeth.”

Feel free to head on over there and read the rest. What the hell else do you have to do today?

Scared man image by Shutterstock