Guy’s Girlfriend And Sister Having The Same Name Almost Leads To Monumental Snapchat Mistake

by 11 months ago

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Dating in the 21st century is certainly different than it used to be back in the day. The advent of smartphones and social media have changed the entire way it’s done these days.

Used to be if you wanted to give someone a photo you had to get it developed from this thing called “film” and either mail (not e-mail) or deliver it to them personally.

Now, however, with apps like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the like, it’s all done digitally. And the instantaneous nature of those apps can sometimes come back to bite you. HARD.

So let this guy’s story be a lesson to all who use apps like Snapchat to send pictures not meant for public consumption.

You see, this guy on Reddit, Chase, has a girlfriend named Haley. His sister is also named Haley. You see where this is going, right? He sent a photo to his sister that was intended for his girlfriend. One has to assume it wasn’t a picture of him just smiling at the camera.

That right there is what panic looks like.

One commenter, Meatslinger, made a very important point for all to follow, “Let this be a reminder to you all that every major phone brand lets you put in a person’s last name as well as their first when editing a contact.”

theafonis followed that up with, “You can also edit names on snapchat.”

While Bruxae may have said it best, “You can also not send dick pics. And show your gf in person, seriously I like to live by the rule that you don’t pass anything through the internet that you’re not willing to risk going public. There’s just so many ways it can go wrong.”

On the plus side, as 4ColorTheoremIsWrong put it, “At least she was a bro about it lmfao.”

Then again, as StinkyDogFarts put it, “Nobody needs to see pictures of your dick, Chase.”

Seriously, Chase.


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