The 7 Types of Guys Who Participate in No-Shave-November

“Lots of Hair, Don’t Care”

This is the guy who is completely against excessive grooming. If there were to be an entire year devoted to not shaving, he’d accept the challenge in a heart beat. Its possible that he might not even realize it is no-shave-november until halfway through the month but conveniently hadn’t shaved since mid-October. “Nothing is sexier than a lumberjack.”

The Ring Leader

The ring leader is the guy with the intense personality who loves any excuse to make an extreme physical change. It is likely he loved a good hair-bleach or mohawk for a championship game back in high school (even if he wasn’t on the actual team) and a playoff beard for the World Series this year.  Thus, no-shave-November is their element. This guy will pressure his peers into participating in the event, and harasses them if they so much as trim their neck hair. Somebody has to lead the pack.

The Follower

This guy is persuaded by his bros in participating in Movember every year. He hates it because of his lack of impressive facial hair, but likes the group involvement. The follower doesn’t have this “sexy scruff” girls talk about, but instead awkwardly placed hairs all over his face.

The Non-Conformist

The “well kept” dude with jeans tighter than your average female who participates rarely goes all out but instead flaunts a mustache that would encourage most mothers to hide their children. This bro loves looking retro and what better accessory than a creeper-stache.

The Philanthropist

No matter how horrific this bros facial hair may be, he will not shave. Why? Because he is participating in No Shave November for the cause. He may have people sponsoring his mustache/beard or he may just truly be trying to raise awareness. Regardless, even if his beard doesn’t grow quite as flawlessly as others, his devotion is attractive.

If you look like Jesus or Mel Gibson with facial hair, anticipate a decrease in the action you get this month. If you are actually raising money for prostate cancer awareness, MAKE IT KNOWN!

Get your mustache/facial hair SPONSORED. Do it for the cause boys!!

The Dude Girls love with Facial Hair. 

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This post originally appeared on Sparkles and Secrets.