Halloween Costume Of The Year Goes To This Bro Dressed As Aladdin, Shredding Through NYC Traffic On His Magic Carpet

Look, I realize earlier I said Ellen already won Halloween with her hilarious Kardashian sister costume. Clearly, I was wrong. Or maybe I was right, because I guess we can say that Ellen won Halloween for the girls and this dude definitely won Halloween for the bros. That’s fair, right? Trophies to both of them, because this is awesome.

I mean, this Aladdin costume is absolutely incredible. Just electric (literally)! Pretty much executed as perfectly as you could, not to mention the ridiculous amount of inherent risk surfing the streets of fucking New York City on a magic carpet during rush hour carries. Honestly, it’s a miracle in itself that the dude didn’t get plowed by a taxi and end up in the ER, in which case, this would have been the worst Halloween costume of 2015.

But that didn’t happen. Instead he owned it. Next mission: finding a cute Jasmine courageous enough to hop on your magic carpet so you can show her the world…if you catch my drift.

[via YouTube]