Ring The Bell! This ‘Samsung Fire Hazard’ Halloween Costume Is Hands Down The Best Costume Of 2016

As we approach Halloween 2016 I’ve been thinking a lot about what the most popular costumes will be this year and I’ve been pondering the best. I think the most popular, in no particular order, will be: Donald Trump, Eleven from Stranger Things, Harambe, and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. These will be the four most popular and I’m convinced of it. Out of those costumes I listed above I think that Eleven from Stranger Things will have the best execution and therefore be the #1 costume of the year, in general.

The ACTUAL #1 Halloween Costume of 2016 is this shit right here from Imgur user excit3d. It’s a ‘fire hazard’ Samsung Galaxy Note 7 costume, and I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Samsung’s had a worldwide recall on all Galaxy Note 7’s and the Federal Aviation Association has banned all Galaxy Note 7’s from airports:

The Imgur user excit3d listed out all of the steps required to make this DIY costume yourself, so if you’re interested in making one for this Halloween just CLICK HERE to head over to the Imgur gallery!

If you’re still undecided on what to do for a Halloween Costume this year I’ve also thrown together this article of 9 Quick, Easy, and Cheap Halloween Costumes For Bros!

(h/t Kenny G. for sending me this!…No, not THAT Kenny G)