Ring The Bell! This ‘Samsung Fire Hazard’ Halloween Costume Is Hands Down The Best Costume Of 2016

by 2 years ago
Fire Hazard Halloween Costume


As we approach Halloween 2016 I’ve been thinking a lot about what the most popular costumes will be this year and I’ve been pondering the best. I think the most popular, in no particular order, will be: Donald Trump, Eleven from Stranger Things, Harambe, and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. These will be the four most popular and I’m convinced of it. Out of those costumes I listed above I think that Eleven from Stranger Things will have the best execution and therefore be the #1 costume of the year, in general.

The ACTUAL #1 Halloween Costume of 2016 is this shit right here from Imgur user excit3d. It’s a ‘fire hazard’ Samsung Galaxy Note 7 costume, and I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Samsung’s had a worldwide recall on all Galaxy Note 7’s and the Federal Aviation Association has banned all Galaxy Note 7’s from airports:

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