Here’s The Perfect Halloween Costume For Couples… The Black Bun Whopper And Green Poop Costume!

Do you and your ladyfriend not have a costume yet? Well don’t fret because your lackadaisical procrastination will pay big dividends by allowing you lovebirds to rock the best couple costume this Halloween! We learned last week that as dark as Burger King’s black bun Whopper appears, it apparently magically transforms your shit to beautiful green hue that rivals a fucking viridescent field from Ireland. Now the good folks over at have made a fantastic costume based on the butt of the joke from the Halloween Whopper. You can now be a green turd that originated from the A1 Halloween Whopper!

Flush all the other couples ideas down the shitter because this is the one costume that will wipe away the competition for best costume!

Are you in polyamorous relationship involving three individuals? That’s cool, I don’t judge. Then you can pull off this costume involving The King.

This costume is sure to crack everyone up. Here’s instructions on how to make your dreams of becoming a green shit become reality.