This Savage Largemouth Bass Makes The Honey Badger Look Like A Fluffy Bunny

This largemouth bass had lost vision in both eyes but she still knew where to get a meal. She’d hang out in the shallows waiting for tiny baitfish to swim by. Over time the person filming this video noticed what was happening and began feeding the fish by hand.

This crazy ass largemouth bass is blind but it still attacks the shad she’s being hand fed like a 2-pound fish trying its hardest to become a five pounder. If it even makes sense to call a fish ‘violent’ then that’s what largemouth bass are. They strike with reckless abandon, eating anything that moves. Often times you can annoy them into eating because they’d rather eat something than seeing it swim around any longer.

All fish are not created equal, not when we’re talking about the food chain. There are fish out there like the Northern Pike that grow large and fast by eating things other fish can’t, things like baby ducks. Scientists and fishermen have found license plates from cars inside the stomachs of tiger sharks. Largemouth Bass have no problems with eating baby largemouth bass, and that makes them about as savage as it gets, even the honey badger wouldn’t do that.

(h/t Terez Owens)