That Dude Who Built A Drone That Fires A Handgun Could Be In A Lot Of Trouble


Well folks, the fucking government is at it again. They always get you, restricting the very rights that make this country a bastion of hope to the rest of the world. Come here immigrants, and be disappointed.

Are we really free in America? You can’t do cocaine. You can’t speed on our millions of miles of beautiful highway. You can’t do speed. And when you try and exercise those freedoms ingrained in our Constitution, in perfectly beautiful ways like strapping a handgun to a drone to hover over your property, a warning to all that this is your property and ain’t no one gonna be setting foot on my property, damned badge or not, the government wants to talk to you.

An 18-year-old Connecticut man may be in trouble with federal aviation officials after posting a video online that shows shots being fired from a drone that had been jury-rigged with a handgun.

The FAA said Tuesday it is investigating whether Austin Haughwout of Clinton violated its regulations, which prohibit the careless or reckless operation of a model aircraft.

The FAA said it is working with Clinton police, who are also investigating. Haughwout did not immediately return telephone messages from The Associated Press seeking comment.

That’s two (2) (count ’em fucking two) different authorities investigating this kid. For making a handgun drone. Which, I might add, everyone loves. Because it’s a handgun drone.

Seriously, this country’s some bullshit sometimes.