Bad News For All Handsome Bros — Your Looks Are Ruining Your Life In One Specific Place

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Handsome Like Daddy


Being attractive will get a man far, but only so far at work, according to new research.

The UCL School of Management concluded that handsome men may be “rejected for competitive jobs” but are “preferred for roles that require cooperation.” In a study conducted by assistant professor Sun Young Lee, the results showed that competitive workplaces like in a sales departments, good looks were a benefit for the actual task of selling, but those men were often over looked for promotion by less attractive superiors. So everyone wants to work with the good looking guy but no one wants to work for the good looking guy.

Here’s how the study was done: 

They carried out four experiments with over 800 participants, and found that when men were considering other men to work with them, they wereinfluenced by the attractiveness of the candidate.

The participants were presented with different scenarios where they had to pick between multiple, equally qualified candidates for a job. The only difference was the photos attached to the candidates’ CVs, which suggested some where much better looking than others.

The more attractive men may have had the perfect CV, but they were less likely to be hired.

In a market where jobs are scarce, it might be time to ugly yourself up. If you’re already ugly, congrats on the new job/position/house/car/trophy wife.

[via Ask Men]

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