What the Hell Do You Do When This Happens to You In Beer Pong?

by 4 years ago


Very interesting situation posed on Twitter from @SirBarticles, who likes throwing shade at us. Looking through his timeline,  I noticed this pic of a pong ball that landed between the cups. Since it’s Friday and who the fuck reads blog on Friday, I thought it’d be worth throwing it out to our community at large. What do you do when this shit happens in beer pong? Is it like the baseball equivalent of a ground-rule double? No one drinks? All three cups are killed? Re-shoot?

I’ve seen this happen about three or four times in my years as a drinking adult. It’s always a huge clusterfuck where no one knows what to do. Personally, it doesn’t seem fair that such a feat counts as a miss. What’s the house rules, Bros? Answer in the comments.


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