This Is What A Real $975mil Check Looks Like And The Ex-Wife Who Rejected It Because THAT’S NOT ENOUGH MONEY



Who rejects a $975mil check? This broad… This broad rejects a $975mil check. That’s who.


Pictured above is oil tycoon (society needs to use the word tycoon more often, right?) Harold Hamm and his now ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall — she went back to that maiden name. Harold Hamm, a tycoon’s tycoon if there ever were one, is worth somewhere in the $18 billion dollar range and was ordered by a judge to pay Arnall $975mil and change in a costly divorce settlement. But Arnall is all like “Fuck that noise, I need mo. I fo sho need mo” and is rejecting the settlement.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

An Oklahoma judge ordered Mr. Hamm, the chief executive ofContinental Resources Inc., to pay his former wife, Sue Ann Arnall, nearly $1 billion to settle the couple’s contentious 2 ½ year divorce. But on Monday, she rejected the check, lawyers for Mr. Hamm and Ms. Arnall confirmed Tuesday.

Ms. Arnall, who was also awarded two homes, a ranch and other assets worth another several million dollars, is appealing the judge’s divorce ruling, saying it shortchanges her 26-year marriage to the wildcatter. She is seeking a divorce settlement of several billion dollars.

She’s got to be holding out on principle right? One last fuck you to old Harry Hambone before she hits the road for a life of pool boy sex, apple martinis, and gross elbows. But Hamm had to know she had no intention of cashing that check. That’s why he wrote it. Pure power play. Show the world he can settle up a billion dollar debt with just a few strokes of the pen. Harry Hamm doesn’t need to “get his affairs in order” or “move assets around.” Harry can write big checks like a big boy. Plus, you can’t cash a billion dollar check on your iPhone. Making her take the extra step of going to the bank is a nice “fuck you” on his part.

All that said, call me, Sue Ann. I can be bought. And I can also clean a pool like you wouldn’t believe. Why not live the rest of your days like that? Just you and your little pool-cleaning sex tycoon, JC. It’ll be terriff.