SPOILERS: Everyone’s Most HATED Character On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is FINALLY GOING TO DIE In Season 6

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While we’re still months away from Game of Thrones‘ season 6 premiere, that doesn’t mean people haven’t been spying on its filming and reporting back with spoilers. Yep, spoilers — meaning if you want season 6 to be one giant surprise, you better GTFO now before you ruin it for yourself. But if you’re like me and could not give a single fuck about surprises, then…


…it looks like Ramsay Bolton might finally be kicking the bucket. You know, the guy who’s replaced Joffrey as the worst fucking character on the entire goddamn show. According to Metro:

Game Of Thrones has been filming an epic battle scene in Northern Ireland and the spoilers are coming thick and fast.

The battle at Saintfield aka the battle of the bastards is being tipped as one of the highlights of season 6.

The fight will see Roose Bolton’s vicious bastard Ramsay take on Ned Stark’s bastard Jon Snow (if he is indeed resurrected).

Fan site Watchers on the Wall are reporting that Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) has been spotted on set, hinting that Jon might be coming to the rescue of his half-sister.

… Apparently, we’ll be ‘saying goodbye to some characters’ (tell us something we don’t know).

Ramsay Bolton was also seen displaying two bodies upside down on X-crosses (the Bolton sigil) during the battle, the corpses of known characters.

If this is one big giant showdown between Jon and Ramsay, there is no way Ramsay doesn’t die. It’s not possible. You can’t bring Jon back from the dead just to get buttfucked by Ramsay, yeah I know this is Game of Thrones but that’s just awful storytelling. Besides, it’s about time Sansa does something worthwhile — sitting in a castle all of season 5 doing absolutely nothing of any use with Reek was just soooo much fun to watch.

Season 6 of Game of Thrones premieres April 2016.

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