The Most Authentic Haunted House In America Has Actual Dead People Inside

The Graham family of Waukegan, Illinois has THE Halloween hot spot. Each October, for the past eight years, the Grahams have turned a local home into a house of terror.

For one old man, it became a house of a thousand corpses. Alright, one corpse, his own.

According to police, a 71-year-old man, whose identity has not been released pending notification to the family, had leaned up against a corner of the building after climbing the stairs to the second floor, and had apparently passed away.

People die all the time, right? True. It doesn’t usually take three weeks to find the body though, especially when hundreds of people have been walking past it every night since the old man dropped dead.

A 31-year-old woman screamed in terror after her and her kids accidentally bumped into what they thought was a prop dummy. Nope. It was an actual dead body. A 6-year-old kid a week earlier complained of the “stink old dead man” on the second floor. It’s just like in horror movies…NO ONE LISTENS TO THE LITTLE KID!

The Grahams have closed the attraction for the remainder of the season but said they do plan to re-open the haunt next year.


That’s not a ghost sound, I’m booing that decision.

H/T Empire News