Having A Frenemy Is Actually Good For You And There’s A Pretty Simple Reason Why

Frenemies are actually good for your overall well being. It’s crazy to think that having an association with a person you hate and like equally (usually hate more than like on most days), but as this video from New York Magazine points out, a frenemy often pushes you do excel.

Why? Because there’s no way you’re going to let that asshole win! From LifeHacker…

It’s actually good to have an ambivalent relationship with some of the people you work with. It might seem like they’re constantly stressing you out, but in reality, they’re probably pushing you to do your job better. The unspoken competition between the two of you keeps you on your toes and refuses to let you grow complacent. You might complain about them from time to time, but you’ll also be learning from them.

If there’s no one pushing you to do better, try harder and take things a little more seriously, you’ll just float through life not giving a crap. Then you’re 60, in a dead-end life and job, and ready for the sweet grip of the Grim Reaper to make it all go away.

Thank goodness for frenemies. Now go out there and be passive aggressive to everyone! (ass slap)

[via LifeHacker]

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