Headlines from an Aspiring Internet Writing Sensation

My goal is simple: become the best writer in the history of the Internet. So I have done what any person should do before jumping into a career: I studied the best in the field. And what I’ve found is that the key to a great Internet story is the headline. Here are a few that I’m hoping will endear me to the folks at HuffPost, Buzzfeed and beyond.

  • The Pope Just Got Absolutely Annihilated by a Rain Cloud
  • 99 Numbers You Will Say When Counting to 99
  • HATEFUL: Comedian Says B**ch 9 times On Stage (Also Inside: His Home Address)
  • What Wearing Socks in Bed Says About Your Likelihood to Murder
  • A Woman with No Money Tried to Board a Flight to Chicago. Her Reason Will Make You Hug the Closest Pilot You Can Find
  • SHOCK: Lena Dunham’s Untouched Birth Photos
  • Which Member of Your Family Are You? Take Our Quiz
  • A Man with No Vocal Cords Auditioned for American Idol. What Happened Next Will Leave You in Tears
  • LeBron James: Greatest Ever or Greatestest Everer?
  • Every Time the Olsen Twins Say ‘You Got It Dude’ [Slideshow]
  • DEVASTATING: Rachel Maddow Lays the Smack Down on Senator’s Disdain for President’s Day Sales
  • Old White Couples Have Only White Children. RACIST MUCH?
  • Dustin Diamond Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore [Pics]
  • Will Football Exist in 40 Years?  The Answer May or May Not Surprise You. It Probably Will…Unless it Doesn’t
  • Ever Wondered What Happened to Mark from Step by Step?

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[Headline image via ShutterStock]