The Ultimate Heckling Move Is Dumping A Beer On Then Hucking A Pint Glass At A Comedian, Like This Girl Did

The problem with heckling a comedian is that since they come from a position of obnoxious power, you are never going to win. No matter how incisive your invective, they still have the crowd on their side.

That’s why, if you wanna get your point across, if you wanna win whatever argument you’re having for whatever reason, you gotta really take it to the next level.

Like this girl, who didn’t like a question about her cat. She went full power move, pouring a beer on this comedian’s head, and then chucking the glass at him.

This could be construed as a form of assault, so I can’t condone it, but, still, power move.

Dude handles it like a pro, though.

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[Via Reddit]