Military Helicopter Blocks Trucker And Lands In The Middle Of The Road For Something That We’ve All Had To Do

Back in college, I once went on a road trip with two buddies from Tallahassee to St. Louis to Denver to Aspen and then back home (non-stop on the way home with 3 of us rotating shifts behind the wheel). We didn’t have smartphones or Google Maps, and we left on the road trip in the middle of the night before hitting MapQuest to print out maps.

We had an almanac in the car and that was 90% of how we made our way across the nation. The other 10% happened when I made a wrong turn leaving Colorado and got us lost in New Mexico for a few hours on the way home, and we were forced to pull over at a rest stop and ask some truck drivers for directions.

And that’s pretty much what you see happening in the video above: a bro’s lost and he asks a trucker for directions. Only in this instance, the bro who is lost is a military helicopter pilot in Kazakhstan and instead of pulling over at rest stop he lands his military whirly bird in the middle of the highway to block traffic and asks a trucker how to get where he’s supposed to be. It clearly doesn’t help that there’s snow everywhere with borderline white-out conditions. And I’m not sure why he’s out flying in that weather in the first place….

(h/t DIGG)