A Helicopter Buzzing A Bunch Of Porta-Potties Makes For Quite Literally The Biggest Poop Storm Ever

I once had to shit in a porta-potty every day for a year straight. I was working as a superintendent for a construction company, and the job I was on didn’t have functional toilets until pretty much the day we we turned it over to the client.

So I, and all the contractors, would have to shit in porta-potties outside. Let me tell you something. You ever had a ripping — I mean RIPPING — hangover at work and gone to the toilet for salvation? That doesn’t exist when you are trying to expel all the awful out of you while hovering over the shit of 100 other construction workers in the baking hot California sun.

I still gag thinking about it.

That has nothing to do with the video above, which is a helicopter in England buzzing a bunch of portable toilets and knocking them over.

According to The BBC, the toilets were vacant at the time.

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[H/T Esquire]

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