Here are the 10 Best and Worst Jobs of 2013

The following is the bookends of a list compiled by, who recently did an in-depth 2013 job rankings that was published by the Wall Street Journal. Factors that went into the ranking included: physical demands, work environment, income, stress, and hiring outlook. You might don't care, but they used statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other legitimate-sounding government agencies. For the full list, you can scan here


10 Best Jobs

1. Actuary
2 Biomedical Engineer
3 Software Engineer
4 Audiologist
5 Financial Planner
6 Dental Hygienist
7 Occupational Therapist
8 Optometrist
9 Physical Therapist
10 Computer Systems Analyst


I am not sure what an audiologist is, but am guessing it has to do with professionally hearing things for a living. Of course I could easily google the occupation, but it seems in proper form to remain detached and too cool for knowing shit. 


10 Worst Jobs (with #200 as the worst)

190 Farmer
191 Flight Attendant
192 Roofer
193 Mail Carrier
194 Meter Reader
195 Dairy Farmer
196 Oil Rig Worker
197 Actor
198 Enlisted Military Personnel
199 Lumberjack
200 Reporter (Newspaper)


Somewhere, a semi-balding man in a starched suit and overalls is yelling at an empty newsroom. Somewhere else, a reporter-turned-blogger is angrily wracking his or her brain to point out how “important” reporting is, firing off a sloppy rant in a google doc that'll ultimately go unpublished, because that roundup of GIFs that would totally exist in 1997 is past due. Indignance!

[H/T: WSJ]