Here’s Why I’m Voting For Republican Governor John Kasich Instead Of Donald Trump

First off, everyone needs to understand that this website is made up of many different editors and we don’t all hold the same political views. Just because you saw one article one time that you didn’t agree with that does not mean that every person blogging here at BroBible is a bleeding heart Liberal or a far right wing Conservative…We’re all very different people…Moving on.

After only garnering 1.9% of the Republican votes in Iowa Governor John Kasich of Ohio’s bid for the White House seems rather bleak at this point, but he just threw up a hail mary that I can get on board with. Aside from personally supporting his realistic policy views (he’s level headed on immigration, wants to cut taxes, isn’t going to slash healthcare), there’s something that Governor Kasich said on Tuesday that I whole-heartedly support to the point that I’m willing to flip from supporting Donald Trump to backing Governor Kasich.

Also, let me say that first and foremost I vote on policy. But at the end of the day the tiny pool of candidates at this point really aren’t that different from one another, so it takes that X-Factor to really flip my vote…Here’s what Ohio Governor John Kasich said on Tuesday that made me flip:

Speaking with CNN on Tuesday, Kasich promised that if elected president, he will do all he can to reunite Pink Floyd. Kasich explained that Roger Waters’ performance of The Wall was the best concert he’s ever attended, adding, “And if I’m president, I am going to once and for all try to reunite Pink Floyd to come together and play a couple of songs.”

If successful, Kasich said the first song he would ask them to play is “Money” from The Dark Side of the Moon.

That’s right bros, if Kasich gets elected his first order is to reunite Pink Floyd and have them head out on tour. This is something I wholeheartedly support, and something that I feel so passionately about I was willing to flip my vote.

Now I’ll sit back and wait for you bros to tell me in the comments below and on Facebook why I should take my vote elsewhere, or not.

[h/t ConsequenceOfSound]