Hero Teen Saves Abducted Little Girl, Restores Faith in America

Last Thursday afternoon, a 5-year-old girl was abducted from her home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Cops and news crews filled the neighborhood, and 15-year-old Temar Boggs, who had been helping a neighbor move a couch, organized a search party to comb the side streets and maze-like cul-de-sacs of Gable Park. Boggs biked around, separated from the rest of his group, and began following a maroon car that had caught his eye.

From Lancaster Online:

Boggs got close enough to the car to see a little girl inside. [Friend Chris] Garcia was nearby.

The driver looked at Boggs and Garcia, then stopped the car at Gable Park and Betz Farm Road and pushed the girl out of the car. The driver then drove off, Boggs said.

Boggs said he didn't see where the car went.

“She runs to my arms and said, 'I need to see my mommy,' ” Boggs said.


Attaboy, bro. You've cheered up our day.

[H/T: Gawker]