Fearless Hero Thwarts Sawed-Off Shotgun-Wielding Robber By Pummeling Thief

Stephen Lawrence thought he would have a painless and simple time of robbing a store in Norwich, United Kingdom. He was right, up until the moment Darren Baker gallantly walked into the scene and broke shit up masterfully.

Lawrence was dressed in the eye-catching bright lime green jacket, which is not exactly the best fashion to wear when you are robbing a store and then trying to make a clean getaway. He walked into the Premier Stores shop and flashed his sawed-off shotgun to two women, who quickly escaped the robbery. Lawrence then began attempting to rob money from the register. However, the fearless Darren Baker rushed to the crime scene and quashed the robbery.

The crook greeted Baker with the sawed-off shotgun and the hero was completely unfazed. CCTV footage shows Baker pummeling the thief and putting him in a headlock.

Lawrence was later arrested.

In a strange plot twist, it is revealed that the robber is Baker’s long-lost twin brother who was accidentally separated at birth when the motorcycle helmet is removed.