High School Bully Gets Completely REKT After He Attacks Blind Kid

When this high school bully attacked a blind student, he was begging for street justice, and street justice he did receive.

This sad and infuriating encounter took place at the Huntington Beach High School in Southern California. This cowardly fuckboy starts punching Austin, who is blind. The defenseless kid just covers his head as he is hit with several punches. Then out of nowhere, someone jumps on the scene and destroys the bully. The bully gets a taste of his own medicine and probably some blood as he is dropped hard to the pavement.

The name of the protective do-gooder is Cody, and he is a real life hero.

“I swear to God, if you fucking fuck with this kid again I will fuck you up,” said fucking Cody while the fucking bully laid on the fucking ground in fucking pain.

I do find much joy when well-deserved comeuppance is in the form of a nasty right hook.

Like how is attacking a blind person even a thing? How fucking damaged are you mentally that you think it’s perfectly justified to fight a kid who can’t see? Thank you Cody for showing the humanity in this fucked up situation.