High School Girls Face Two Years In Prison For Pulling Senior Prank That One Of Their Dads Thought Was Hilarious

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I’m not a parent, but I’ve read enough stories on this here thing we call “The Internet,” of stupid people doing stupid things to know how to properly give advice to a child seeking counsel about a high school senior prank they are looking to pull. Hell, I can give sage advice to anyone who is thinking about maybe doing something stupid. That advice is “Don’t do anything, ever.” But if it was my kid who asked, I would add “unless you want me to fucking kill you” at the end of it.

That, of course, is easy to say from a distance, but it’s definitely what I would have said to Shannon Marie Farrell,18, and Lekia Hall, 18 if they were my daughters and told me that their senior prank was putting alarm clocks in all the unused lockers in South Iredell High School in Statesville, North Carolina.

Look, it’s funny, I GET IT. But let someone else be the class hero/asshole, because this isn’t 1982; there is a lot of shit you can’t get away with. That “shit” includes inadvertently causing a bomb scare because you put alarm clocks in a bunch of lockers that you secured shut with zip-ties. WHOOPS!

That’s how I would have handled it, but when Shannon Marie Farrell’s father, Dan heard the plot of the prank, he had a different reaction. Probably because he grew up in a simpler time when everything wasn’t a felony and a harmless prank was just that.

According to Statesville Record & Landmark:

Dan Farrell, speaking near the school, said he received a call from his younger daughter Tuesday morning. He said she told him her sister was being questioned and the school had been evacuated.

He said he heard about the plans to bring alarm clocks to school several days ago. “I thought it was a pretty funny thing,” Farrell said.

Since the prank was taken very seriously, caused the entire school to evacuate and exhausted police resources for several hours, Farrell and Hall were both charged with a felony and face up to 25 months in prison. But, man, I bet the look on everyone’s face when random alarm clocks starting going off made it all worth it. Yep, totally worth it.

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