Hero Who Saved Others from Harm During High School Knife Attack Poses for Hospital Selfie


This morning brought more school violence—this time, a mass stabbing in a Pittsburgh high school that injured 20, including four critically. While no one knows what caused the 16-year-old loon to run through classrooms and hallways knifing at will, we do know one brave guy made a quick decision that may have saved lives.

According to several of his classmates on Twitter, Franklin Senior High School’s Nate Scimio jumped in front of another classmate to shield him or her from the attacker, suffering a stab wound to the arm. He then pulled a fire alarm, which alerted the school of the emergency and caused an evacuation.

Nate was transported to a nearby children’s hospital, and it appears he’s in fine shape. He also posted this selfie to Instagram, with the caption “Chillin,” showing the world a little stab wound ain’t no thing. (Naturally, the kid is just wracking up the likes.)