This Gun-Toting High School Rebel Wins With His Photoshopped Yearbook Picture

What happened to the proverbial Napolean Dynamite-esque, goofy-faced, fake mustache, whatever joke of a yearbook picture? Since when did kids decide to capitalize on their right to bear arms, while flashing a little blue steel for the camera? Like any principal who gives half a shit about not openly commending straight gun-loving propaganda, Andy Dahlen of Red River Valley, North Dakota shut Joshua Renville down, when the kid tried to make a play at looking like a Gap Kids refugee for his yearbook photo. Renville’s dad proceeded to rage on social media, and to get into quite the ‘murrican standoff with Dahlen and the rest of the school officials after his son was barred from packing heat during his yearbook photo.

Somehow Papa Renville received quite a bit of support from the Red River Valley community after expressing his outrage on Facebook. To say I was discouraged and genuinely shellshocked would be a vast understatement.

Of course he later had to drop in with an optimistic update wrapped and folded in an overcooked idiotic gameplan.

My first update! Josh’s picture is now under review by the Associate Superintendent Bob Grosz. But a interesting statement was made by Andy Dahlen at our meeting today, he said the school or his office was receiving phone calls that support his position of banning Josh’s picture. And those calls are running at a 90% rate in favor of his position….I have my doubts about that statement, but if he wants to run a poll….let’s give him a poll! So please all of our new freedom loving pro 2nd amendment friends out there call Andy and tell him what you think! He can be reached at 1-701-446-2400 please be respectful but make your voice be heard! So this is the state of freedom in our Nation today! Fargo North High school has rejected this picture for Josh’s year book ……because in their words it promotes violence and breaks federal and state law, really! How? Well I called Andy Dahlen ( head principal of North High), he is trying to state that people can not bring guns on school property, in his words “it’s the law”. Andy it’s a picture. No different then the pictures in the school library of soldiers during anyone of our nations wars. Or what about hunting books? Do those pictures that violate federal law too? And what about schools in the surrounding area that have Trap and Skeet teams do those kids and their pictures break the law? How about their Letterman jackets with little rifles on them, does that break the law? And how does it promote violence? What item is illegal in this picture? I see a kid that loves his nation, loves free speech and loves the second the 2nd Amendment. The rifle is a rifle he built and it is his favorite rifle. Dahlen just doesn’t like rifles, he doesn’t believe in or support the second Amendment. He is a far left progressive who is using his position to promote his political agenda and push it on our children.(On a side note which is against school district policy) He has singled out my family over the years because of our traditional conservative values and beliefs! In my opinion he is out of control and morally bankrupt person who has been in his position way to long! He seems to have absolute power at Fargo North High school, and tries to bully teachers, students and families that disagree with him! Enough is enough he needs to be fired! So begins the fight for freedom……. we are only as strong as our weakest link!

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At what point will the Renville clan accept the fact that having a picture of yourself handling an eagle as the symbol for people to remember you by after high school graduation, legit screams freedom-fighting badass? It’s time for father and son to slow down, cut out the ‘Braveheart’ act, and realize they lost the battle, but won the war.