‘Hillary Clinton: Meme Queen’ Is The Best Viral Video To Come Outta The Election And If You Disagree You Have No Soul

No one really wants to vote for Hillary, it’s just that she’s easier to stomach than Trump.

But dear God I’m going to say it: if Hillary herself came out and made a video like this, I would vote for her in a heartbeat.

Sure that may seem shallow (because it is), but come on – would you rather vote for Meme Queen 2016, or Spray Tan McGoo on the right side?

You don’t like either. I don’t like either. Yet, here we are, forced to choice the lesser between two evils — and if one of those evils came out and declared herself Meme Queen, wouldn’t you at least feel a little less shitty about voting for her?

Maybe. Probably. Possibly not…but I know I would.