‘Hillary Clinton: Meme Queen’ Is The Best Viral Video To Come Outta The Election And If You Disagree You Have No Soul

by 4 years ago

No one really wants to vote for Hillary, it’s just that she’s easier to stomach than Trump.

But dear God I’m going to say it: if Hillary herself came out and made a video like this, I would vote for her in a heartbeat.

Sure that may seem shallow (because it is), but come on – would you rather vote for Meme Queen 2016, or Spray Tan McGoo on the right side?

You don’t like either. I don’t like either. Yet, here we are, forced to choice the lesser between two evils — and if one of those evils came out and declared herself Meme Queen, wouldn’t you at least feel a little less shitty about voting for her?

Maybe. Probably. Possibly not…but I know I would.

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