Don’t Watch Hillary Clinton Whip, Don’t Watch Her Nae Nae, Maybe Move To Another Country Where This Shit Doesn’t Happen



There are lots of problems with American democracy, but the most blatantly apparent one as we steamroll into the 2016 election is that a candidate can’t get elected if people don’t vote for them.

Unfortunately, in this age, the only way to get people to like you enough to want you in office is to participate in awful viral phenomenons to prove you’re just like us. Look, Mike Huckabee is doing the Harlem Shake. He’s just like internet. Bernie Sanders is doing the Bernie OMG. He’s a Twitter.

Laos. I bet candidates in fucking Laos don’t bother with this shit. Imagine Lieutenant General Choummaly Sayasone walking on stage to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. Doesn’t fucking happen.

Sure, the tyrannical government there might throw you into jail on a whim and never let you out, but isn’t that a better life experience than spending six seconds watching Hillary Clinton do the Nae Nae?

Yes. Yes it is.