In Battle Between Civil-Rights Spouting Hipster And Overzealous Cop, We All Lose

Live Leak

The Location: The Metropolitan Ave subway station. It’s unspecified which line this takes place at, but judging by the fact that this video goes for seven minutes with nary a train passing by, I’mma guess the G.

The Participants: On the left side, you have an acoustic guitar-playing, pink shoe-wearing hipster subway performer. Having brushed up on the law after reading blog posts about the extreme overreactions of police in Ferguson, has decided that it is time to take a PUBLIC stand against the gross infringement of civil liberties occurring in this country. On the right, an officer of the NYPD who appears to be a little less versed in the law than we’d like officers of the law to be.

The Showdown: Whether pink shoes has the right to play the poignant and powerful “Wish You Were Here,” by Pink Floyd in the bowels of the MTA. Do you officer, pink shoes implicitly asks, do you think you can tell, heaven from hell?

I can. I’m in hell right now.

The Result: An MLK, Birmingham Bus Boycott-esque display of civil disobedience that shall become the rallying cry of subway guitarists everywhere.

He actually says the fucking words, “I’m being oppressed.”

“I’m being oppressed.”

“I’m being oppressed.”

We shall overcome.

And yea, the cops gets a little too tough for something like this, so fuck him, too.

[Via Drunken Stepfather]