Is Hitler Living In The Apple iCloud? One Washed Up Pop Star Thinks So



Look, it’s pretty much an accepted fact that some time within the next 200 years, all our brains’ contents will be uploaded to a massive hard drive somewhere out in Wyoming and our existence will cease to be an ephemeral one as we live forever in some form of perpetuity as functioning files on Google Drive.

But that time is not now, and that time most certainly was not 1945. There wasn’t even the internet then, let alone cloud computing. So the likelihood that former Nazi leaders are living in the iCloud is kind of absurd.

This should mean a lot coming from me, for I will willingly entertain the idea that dinosaurs nuked themselves to death, yet even I found this idea, proposed by Cher, to be insane.

Stick to… … well I don’t even know what it is you do these days Cher, but stick to that.