Is This Guy Being A ‘Pest’ Hitting On This Girl Or Is She Just Being Rude As Hell?

I normally pass over every video posted to Facebook but something about this clip caught my eye. I’m glad I watched because it brings up an interesting debate about hitting on women.

Here’s the basic rundown and all I really know based on the clip and no other information — this guy was about to hit on this girl in a store and asked her name, she replied that she doesn’t have a name and that he was being a pest, and he came back with the fact he was trying to be as gentlemanly as possible.

Now, this guy could have been hovering for a while and that would explain why she took out her phone to record it all in the first place but she also really had no reason to post this online.

Here are some of the more popular, and hilarious, comments on the video.

The comment about being “nice to a bitch” killed me because I think he was dead serious.

So is this guy being a “pest” or is old debo eyes being rude about all this?

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