Is This Unique ‘Ho Ho Ho’ Family Christmas Card Creepy? Sexy? Revolting? Hilarious? All Of The Above?

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When you get a Christmas card do you eagerly tear it open to see a beautiful family photo? Or do you do as I do and don’t even open it, and carelessly toss it in the trash because there’s this amazing new invention called “The Internet,” where I can see the exact same dopey picture that the family has done for years in front of the exact same dopey Christmas tree on a revolutionary contraption called “Facebook.” I throw them away because it’s always the same goddamn boring picture. Maybe if some people had an ounce of creativity and made an original or humorous photo then I would have interest in actually opening the envelope to see what new pic they did this year. Take this family from Florida, they didn’t just have the same old Christmas card photo, they spiced it up, even too much for some people’s taste.

This Christmas card has been called everything from “hilarious” to “offensive” to “sexist” to “creepy” to “sexy,” and everything in between. Rachel Yoshida, 19, her sister Natalie, 21, and their mother all wear red and white t-shirts with the word “Ho” printed on them. Meanwhile their pops sits on the couch waiting for the incoming flood with his t-shirt that says, “Chillin’ With My Ho’s.”

The entertaining Christmas card has gone viral, with more than 2.8 million views on Imgur since Rachel uploaded it on Tuesday.

The Yoshida family loves dressing up. For Halloween, the family dressed up as Sailor Moon characters.

Rachel and Natalie are both into cosplay.

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So was the Yoshida family Christmas card creepy? Sexy? Revolting? Hilarious? Or all of the above?

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