16 Holiday Life Hacks Get Put To The Ultimate Test

holiday life hacks

YouTube - Mental Floss

One thing we all love are good life hacks and the holidays, as one would expect, are chock full of them. The real question though is, do they all really work? Because if they do then the holidays just got a hell of a lot easier and who couldn’t use that this time of year?

Luckily for us, Mental Floss takes all of the mystery out of 16 of the more well-known holiday life hacks and puts them to the test to see which ones are actually worth giving a shot this year.

Here’s the complete list of holiday life hacks they put to the test. You may have heard of or tried out some of these yourself before.

1. Potato Chip Gift Wrap
2. Keep Wrapping Paper from Unraveling
3. Wrap Christmas Lights Around a Coffee Can
4. Ping Pong Ball Lights
5. Pick Up Broken Glass with Bread
6. Turn Wine Glasses Upside Down
7. Mason Jar, Salt, and Candle
8. Snow Slime
9. Sap and Toothpaste
10. Dental Floss and Cranberries
11. Store Ornaments in Egg Cartons
12. Use Aluminum Foil Box for Cookie Storage
13. Frosting in Condiment Bottles
14. Coffee Filter for Snowflakes
15. Bread Tab for Tape
16. Rudolph Party Game

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