Watch This Homeless Lady Set the World Record For Farthest Chair Toss in a Fast Food Joint

by 5 years ago

A Jack in the Box restaurant not literally inside a jack-in-the-box. If she were inside an actual jack-in-the-box she’d have every right to go bonkers because that would be scary as shit.

It’s not clear why the woman lost her mind but ponder this for a moment — what if homeless people lost their minds but talked coherently in complete thoughts and sentences. Would it change the way we view the rantings of homeless people?

In other words, suppose this woman screamed, threw chairs and pushed everything off the counter all while exclaiming “THIS IS THE TENTH TIME THIS WEEK I’VE HAD TO DEPOSIT A PILE OF FECAL MATTER ON THE RESTROOM FLOOR! I SUGGEST BATHROOMS CLOSER TO ENTRANCES OR LESS SODIUM IN THE BURGERS! MY BOWELS THANK YOU!”

She's got a point about the bathrooms.

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