Homeless Man Drops Wisdom About Cancer, Weed, and Coochie Burgers in NYC Subway

Despite being a self-proclaimed bipolar crazy man who suffers from paranoia and schizophrenia this gentleman makes a lot more sense than half my relatives. While riding a New York Subway this modern-day prophet shares these pearls of wisdom about a myriad of topics:

  • “Don’t smoke cigarettes. You will die sooner or later. Cigarettes give you cancer.”
  • “If you want to live long smoke weed. There’s NOBODY in the world that has ever died from weed. Can I get an ‘Amen?’ Praise the weed.”
  • He describes the difference between a white person who is serious and a black person who is serious.
  • “I’m a nice crazy guy. They put me in a straight jacket twice. Straight jacket ain’t no joke.”
  • “Ladies I am single. Looking to mingle.”
  • “All you gay men, enjoy your gay life. If you wanna be gay fellas, do you, but don’t do me.” Then he names a laundry list of phallic items.
  • “I’m a lesbian. That shit is good. Yo right out da shower… coochie burgers!”
  • “I love you all.”

So much honesty and knowledge in one three minute video.

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