Homeless Teen Lived In A Tent So He Could Attend College While I Used To Skip Class If It Was Sunny

I pretty much skipped a class or two of college a week. Friday morning was always a total wash. I had one professor that I took two semesters in a row and the second semester she would just forward me the notes from Friday’s class in the afternoon because she knew I was never going to be there. Add that to the random day of the week where I would not leave due to weather or general apathy, it was like a class or two a week. Or $450 worth of class I was flushing down the drain a week.

So really, I have so much admiration for this homeless kid who biked 50 miles and lived in a tent to make sure that he didn’t miss out on class.

Much love. This is the kind of commitment and seriousness more people need about school. People like me need to disappear. Get rid of all of them. We’re gross and immature. We’ll never amount to anything. We need¬†Freds. Fred knows what it takes to be successful and change your life, no matter the cost. The rest of us drink too much on Thursday nights and miss class.